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Providing HIGH-QUALITY academic standards from NURSERY to Grade 9.
We have two, one in Qortoba and one in Digital City
Modern Global International Schools share a collaborative, supportive, diverse, and ever-growing community that feels as much as a family as a school.  We pride ourselves on rigorous academic achievement and outcomes, global integration, faculty excellence, and a personalized approach to teaching and learning. Our environment provides a safe space for nursery- G8 students to learn, develop and practice skills needed for 21st Century Success.
MGIS offers transportation buses for students (in certain areas) in compliance with educational transportation standards which include:
-A daily list of students' names when they get on and off the bus.
-Daily Bus inspection.
-A female bus nanny on each bus
-The age of the bus should not exceed 5 years.
-The driver is of good conduct.
-The driver did not commit dangerous traffic violations.
-Train the bus driver and supervisor in basic first aid.
-Having a special license to drive student buses.
-Electronic monitoring of the bus and an app for the parents to see its location.
MGIS is accredited by Advanced Ed Accreditation and Cognia.

Yes, parents can purchase the uniform and the PE kit through ZAK's (

For students entering elementary and primary school, no.  We cater to students who are non-English speakers and to students who have a basic use of English and will work with them on improving their language skills.  We will assess your child's English language skills during the application process.
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9 years
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13 years
14 years
MGIS has a diverse student body with 32 countries represented speaking many languages.
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Please book an appointment to visit our school and have a tour:
- Digital City Campus: +966 535005651
- Qurtoba Campus: +966 554122051 or +966 508791801
-WhatsApp: +966 11 8103321