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MGIS Students Embrace Saudi Heritage on Saudi Founding Day 2024

 February 27th, 2024

Last week, our school campuses in Digital City and Qortuba came alive with vibrant colors, laughter, and a sense of pride as we celebrated Saudi Founding Day.

This significant national holiday marks the establishment of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and holds a special place in the hearts of our students and teachers.

Why does MGIS Celebrate National Holidays

At MGIS, our mission is to transform educational communities through academic excellence, positive character, and cultural appreciation. Celebrating national holidays like Saudi Founding Day aligns with our mission, fostering unity and pride among students. These celebrations serve as dynamic platforms for cultural understanding, contributing to the holistic development of our students. Embracing diverse traditions enhances their character and supports our commitment to creating well-rounded global citizens.

Our Students Educational Trip to Al Masmak Palace

Immersed in history, students enjoyed an enriching visit to Riyadh’s iconic Al Masmak Palace. Exploring the significance of Saudi Founding Day, they gained invaluable insights into the nation’s pivotal moments. This hands-on experience gave the celebration a deeper meaning and connected our students to the roots of their heritage.

As we continue to nurture a cultural school environment, these celebrations play a vital role in shaping well-rounded global citizens. We look forward to many more joyous occasions that bring our school community together in celebration of our shared heritage.

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