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MGIS By The Numbers

Qualified Teachers
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Smart Campus Facilities
Nationalities of faculty
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Student’s Nationalities
  1. Music
  2. Art
  3. Sports
  4. Chess
  5. Challenging Day
Parent/Student Educational activities
  1. Portray out loud event.
  2. Spelling Bee.
  3. Art Fair
  4. Math Fair
  5. Read with my child
  6. Literacy Day- Write With My Parents
  7. Science Fair
Parent/Student Fun Days
  1. International Day
  2. Book Cover Mother’s Day
  3. Bazar Day
  4. Sport Day
General Activities
  1. Hygiene Day
  2. Saudi National Day
  3. World Language Arabic
  4. 100 Days of School
  5. Dr. Seuss’s Public Speaking
  6. World Health Day.
  7. Holy Quran Contest.
  8. Poetry Out Loud
  9. Founding Day 
Languages taught
  1. Arabic
  2. English
  3. French
Positive Character Traits Emphasized
  1. September: Respect – Respect is the foundation for a safe and peaceful school environment that is conducive to learning. Respect may be further divided into respect for oneself, respect for others and respect for property
  2. October: Responsibility – We are responsible for our own thoughts, actions and feelings, taking pride in our efforts and successes. It also means that we admit when there is need for improvement. We apply what we have learned and make appropriate decisions.
  3. November: Appreciation-Appreciating the wonder and beauty of the world and its people
  4. December: Commitment- Being committed to their learning, persevering, and showing self-discipline and responsibility
  5. January: Cooperation- We believe that by working together we will produce quality work and achieve academic excellence  
  6. February: Creativity- Being creative and imaginative in their thinking and in their approach to problems and dilemmas
  7. March: Curiosity- Being curious about the nature of learning and of the world, its people and cultures
  8. April: Empathy-Imaginatively projecting self into other’s situation, in order to understand his/her thoughts, reasoning and emotions
  9. May: Integrity- Having integrity and a firm sense of fairness and honesty
  10. June: Tolerance- Feeling sensitivity towards differences and diversity in the world and being responsive to the needs of others